Custom Silver Cuff

Custom Silver Cuff


This cuff is made upon order. Simple cuff created in your choice of thin or thick aluminum silver. Please specify your chosen phrase at checkout.

Hand cut, sanded, smoothed & stamped.

One size fits all.


  • Tree of Life: Growth

  • Dreamcatcher: Circle of Life

  • Thunderbird: Unlimited happiness

  • Arrowhead: Alertness

  • Cross Arrows: Friendship

  • Pineapple: Warmth

  • Mountain Range: Destination

  • Paw Print: Animal love

  • Heart: Love

  • Sunflower: Longevity

  • Earth: Creative

  • Cactus: Endurance

  • Mushroom: Good fortune

  • Wave: Go with the flow / WB

  • Skateborad: Direction

  • Cresent Moon: balance

  • Triangle: Grounded

  • Mini double triangle: Grounded

  • Cross: HE>i

  • Peace: world love

(coordinates & punctuation also available) 

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