Custom Copper Cuff

Custom Copper Cuff


This cuff is made upon order. Simple cuff created in natural copper. Please specify your chosen phrase at checkout.

Hand cut, sanded, smoothed & stamped.

One size fits all.


  • Tree of Life: Growth

  • Dreamcatcher: Circle of Life

  • Thunderbird: Unlimited happiness

  • Arrowhead: Alertness

  • Cross Arrows: Friendship

  • Pineapple: Warmth

  • Mountain Range: Destination

  • Paw Print: Animal love

  • Heart: Love

  • Sunflower: Longevity

  • Earth: Creative

  • Cactus: Endurance

  • Mushroom: Good fortune

  • Wave: Go with the flow / WB

  • Skateborad: Direction

  • Cresent Moon: balance

  • Triangle: Grounded

  • Mini double triangle: Grounded

  • Cross: HE>i

  • Peace Sign: World love

(coordinates & punctuation also available) 

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